Terms & Conditions

Payment conditions - Rental:

- 30% on order, 70% maximum 30 days before the start of the rental.

- Payment via Bank Transfer (Ask RIB to the lessor). No transfer fees

- Payment via PAY PAL or CB (Use Google Chrome). Transfer fee 3.5%


Payment conditions - Security deposit: 1000 € 

- Payment via Bank Transfer (Request RIB to the lessor) at most 14 days before the start of the rental. No transfer fees

- Payment via PAY PAL possible on the day of rental. Transfer fee 35 €

- Refund via bank transfer at most 7 days after the return from the trip.

Terms & Conditions

The signature of the contract between the customer and Alfa Combi S. of R.L. of C.V. implies the express acceptance of these conditions.

If you rent a car from Alfa Combi S. of R.L. de C.V., we advise you to read these terms and conditions carefully before booking.

By accepting the rental offer of the vehicle, you have read the general conditions of rental and you approve them as well as the flat rate, the descriptive form of the vehicle prepared contradictorily at the beginning and at the return of the vehicle, or failing that, the expert report.


1 / What documents do I need to provide?

To rent, as an individual, you must present:

- Your driver's license more than 3 years ago.

- You must be over 23 years old.

- A deposit. Refundable within 7 business days of returning the vehicle in the respect of the date of return, that it is not damaged, with an interior cleaned with all equipment in place and intact, and the fuel tank full.


To rent, in the name of a corporate name, you have presented in addition:

- A ka extract of less than 3 months, or a model D1 extract of less than 4 months, or the identity card of the association issued by the prefecture where we can identify you,

- A purchase order signed by the legal representative of the tenant and mentioning his RCS.


2 / In which state is the vehicle that I rent?

When taking over, you complete the departure part of the inventory attached to the contract. By signing this one, you definitely recognize, the condition of the vehicle, that it conforms to your wishes, and free from mechanical defects. When you return, you complete the return component of the inventory attached to the contract. By signing this one, you definitely recognize the condition of the vehicle.

In case of disagreement about the state of the vehicle at the time of the return, you describe your position or your disputes in the part "notes" of this inventory. You agree, in the event that you refuse to sign the return description of the vehicle, to have recourse to an independent third party for the purpose of establishing the return descriptive state.


3 / For which use of the vehicle?

3.1. General:

The rental is personal, not transferable, but you can designate one or two drivers who must be approved and named to the lease. You agree to drive in good father and to respect the code of the road. You also agree that the vehicle is not used: for the transport of passengers, to propel or tow a trailer or other object rolling or not, in the context of competitions, for illicit purposes, for learning of driving and accompanied driving. You agree to keep the vehicle closed and locked outside the periods of use by keeping the keys which must in no case be left on board. Under no circumstances should you assign, sell, hypothecate or pledge this contract, the vehicle, its equipment or tools, or treat them in a manner that is prejudicial to the lessor. You agree not to modify or add any equipment.


Depending on the rental period, you can drive the vehicle only in the states of Yucatan, Quintana Roo and Campeche. It is possible to go to Palenque in Chiapas with the written agreement of the renter according to the rented vehicle. The maximum distance per day allowed is 150 km. Beyond these states and beyond the authorized mileage limit, you will not be insured.


3.2. Fuels - Lubricants:

The supply of fuel is your responsibility: the vehicle is rented with full fuel, it must be returned with a full tank. Otherwise, in accordance with the tariff conditions, the missing fuel will be charged. You will have to constantly check the oil and water level, and at the intervals indicated by the manufacturer, lubricate and drain the engine. You justify this work by the corresponding invoices, stipulating the number of kilometers measured on the meter during the operation.


3.3. Maintenance and repairs :

You must keep the vehicle, its equipment and accessories in good working order. You take care of the maintenance menu of the vehicle, and this without recourse against the renter: periodic verification and complement levels (oil, coolant, wiper fluid, brake fluid) and periodic verification of optics, the pressure of the tires, the braking devices, the battery and the level of electrolysis. It is up to you to carry out these operations according to the recommendations of the manufacturer, and to contact, in case of doubt, the renter. In case of malfunctions (engine, cell) encountered on the vehicle, you must immediately notify the renter and follow the recommendations.

Otherwise, the renter reserves the right to charge you penalties, considering the days of immobilization of the vehicle for the repair (on the basis of the tariff of the additional day in force). Normal mechanical wear is the responsibility of the lessor. All repairs resulting from abnormal wear due to negligence on your part will be at your expense and executed. In the event that the vehicle is immobilized, repairs can only be carried out after written agreement and according to the instructions of the renter. They must be the subject of an invoice paid. The same applies to the interior layout of the living area.


3.4 Specific driving for VW COMBIS:

Do not roll on unpaved or unpaved surfaces. We take care to drive always smoothly. The Combi is a way of life: zen attitude.

We do not exceed 70 km/h. Attention, in case of exceeding this speed, or in case of driving too long, the engine will heat up and may break. It is therefore important to ride smoothly and take breaks regularly, especially with the hot Mexican weather.


Be careful with a Van or Camper vehicle, when making sharp turns, take a step further than you think to clear the rear wheels (and bodywork) of other vehicles and sidewalks.


Be extremely flexible with shifting.

4 / Who is allowed to drive the vehicle?

Only drivers designated on the rental contract are insured under the insurance contract. Consequently, when the vehicle is driven by a driver not designated in the contract, you remain solely responsible for all costs resulting from a loss that may occur (including under the provisions of article L-211.1 of the French Insurance Code concerning driving the vehicle against the pleasure of the lessor). Finally you are reminded that you are solely responsible for the pecuniary consequences of the use of the vehicle by any unauthorized driver.


5 / How am I insured?

Only drivers appointed and approved on the rental contract and for the duration of the lease have the status of insured under the insurance contract provided. The driver designated in the contract benefits from the subscribed car insurance policy covering civil liability for damages caused to the third party. It is a civil liability guarantee: it covers the material and bodily injury caused to a third party during a responsible accident.


Damages caused to the vehicle, due to the liability of the driver named in the contract or by a third party, will be deducted from the amount of the deposit of 1000 euros (deductible 1000 euros), subject to the provisions of paragraph 7.


Vehicles only have liability insurance. This insurance does not cover the material damage caused to the rented vehicle.


6 / What is your responsibility in the event of a disaster?

You owe the amount of the repair work up to the amount of the deductible and this up to the amounts specified in the special conditions of the lease, subject to the special provisions of paragraph 7 below. It is reminded that if you are involved in several claims during the rental period, each claim will result in the application of a deductible according to the terms above and may exceed the amount of the deductible


Be careful, the insurance provided by the credit card companies are generally not valid because they do not cover the rental of vintage camping minibuses.


7 / When am I not insured?

You are not insured in the following cases:

- Beyond the 150 km per day authorized on the contract.

- If you are off paved roads and accessible by a tow truck. In the event of a breakdown, you will have to repair the vehicle on your own.

- If you are unable to return to the renter the original keys of the vehicle after noting the theft of it. In this case, you will be required to pay the value of the vehicle (example: 10 000 euros for a combination of 1973).

- When the damage to the vehicle results from burns, internal deterioration, overloading, negligent mechanical consequences, as well as damage to tires, hubcaps and rims.

- When the driver is intoxicated as defined by the Highway Code, where when he used drugs or narcotics also prohibited or when he has absorbed medications, medically prescribed or not, whose The notice states that its use is likely to cause a state of drowsiness.

- When the damage to the vehicle occurs after the date of return of the vehicle provided for in the contract, this is deemed to be a conduct against the will of the lessor and a hijacking of the vehicle. This provision does not apply if you have obtained an express agreement to extend the rental period from the lessor

- If you and / or the driver have provided false information regarding your identity or the validity of your driver's license. It will be the same in case of false declarations on the amicable report or the declaration of loss or the descriptive state upon the return of the vehicle.

- For damage the loss or theft, of any nature whatsoever, affecting your personal effects, your objects or the animals contained in the vehicle.

- When the damage results from a voluntary act of yourself and / or the driver.

- When the vehicle is used for paid passenger transport.

- When the vehicle is rented and used in overload or carrying a higher number of passengers than those authorized at the signing of the rental contract.

In case of negligible damage: the customer assumes unlimited liability for insignificant damages. Insignificant damages are accidents caused by the negligence of the driver and include, but are not limited to:

- Off-road accidents

- Accidents occurring in the accommodation of the vehicle in a trailer park

- Deliberate or intentional damage by customer, guest or guest

- Damage to the interior caused by the guest, guest, guest, pet etc.

- Lack of maintenance of oil and antifreeze fluid levels

- Manage tired or under the influence of alcohol, drugs or other controlled substances

- Driving in restricted areas and outside Mexico

- Vehicle overloaded and exceeding the towing capacity

- Carry more people than available seatbelts

- Damage caused by refueling not applicable

- Handling of vehicles by unauthorized persons in the rental agreement

For safety reasons, the 1-burner gas case must be used outside the vehicle. Always have the extinguisher easily accessible. Please note: the use of this option has no insurance.

8 / What assistance do I receive?

In case of mechanical problem you must immediately contact the renter. You agree to comply exactly with the instructions communicated to you by your correspondent. Otherwise, you will be financially responsible for the services you have implemented on your own initiative and without the prior consent of your correspondent and mechanical aggravations if any.

The renter can not be held responsible for the duration of immobilisation of the vehicle.


9 / What are my obligations in case of theft or accident?

You or the driver of the vehicle agree to respect:

- In case of theft or attempted theft: Immediately declare it to the police authorities and the lessor, provide the renter within 24 hours with the original keys.

- In the event of an accident: Immediately report it to the lessor and give the lessor a copy of the report prepared and signed by both parties and the coordinates of the witnesses, if applicable. In the event of an accident without a third party, you must complete an amicable report alone.


10 / What should I pay?

Two types of fees are payable to the lessor.

Certain expenses: the result of the application of the rate determined in the special conditions and which depends on the duration of the rental, the number of kilometers and the model of the rented vehicle, the supplements provided for in the general conditions, the missing fuel costs and service and the costs of additional services and options requested on booking.

Additional costs: the deductible or deductibles resulting from responsible losses during the rental period, additional mileage costs beyond the initial fixed rate chosen, the various fines and fines legally borne by you and attributable to the custody and use of the vehicle - the possible costs of parking and cleaning (150 euros), the costs of expert report, the cost of repairs (on presentation of the estimate) and handling fees of 60 euros excluding taxes for damages less than the deductible (deposit) - one additional day minimum in the absence of a return at the moment indicated in the present contract.

Attention: You already agree that the renter can retain the security deposit deposit upon confirmation of the reservation.


11 / Booking / payment

The customer can pay online with his credit card (VISA or MasterCard) or by bank transfer. In case of choice of bank transfer option, the total amount of the reservation must be reflected in the account of the renter maximum 5 working days after the date of the reservation, otherwise the reservation will be canceled without obligations and expenses for the Customer and the renter. The person making the reservation and making the payment must also be the main driver.

The vehicle will not be delivered to the customer if the full payment for the full rental period is not covered and the deposit payment is not covered.

To issue an invoice, it is necessary for the customer to communicate his RFC.

12 / Cancellation / modification of the reservation:

Cancellations of the booking must be made in writing by the customer and sent to info@alfacombi.com. The day (applying Mexico Time-UTC-06: 00) that the renter receives the full or partial cancellation is the date on which the following charges will be applied from the total amount of the reservation, or in case of partial cancellation of the days canceled:

- If the customer cancels more than 30 days before the delivery date or pickup, 25% of the amount is not returned. Refunds 75%.

- If the customer cancels between 30 days and 8 days before the delivery date or pickup, the 50% amount is not returned. Refunds 50%.

- If the customer cancels 7 days or less before the delivery date or pickup, the 100% amount is not returned. No refund.

- If the customer is not present on the date of delivery or pickup, 100% is not returned. No refund.

13 / Minimum rental:

The minimum rental is 4 nights (5 days).


14 / Opening hours:

Delivery of the vehicle to the customer is between 9:00 am and 11:00 am in Merida, 01:00 pm and 03:00 pm in Cancun.

The return of the vehicle to the renter is between 9:00 am and 11:00 am in Merida, 01:00 pm and 03:00 pm in Cancun.


For deliveries outside this time, the customer must inform the renter. The renter reserves the right to authorize or not the return after the opening hours.

Each hour late will be charged 30 euros and each day of unauthorized delay that the vehicle is occupied will have a cost of 165 euros plus the daily cost of rental.


It is recommended that the customer deliver the vehicle in a clean condition indoors with clean gray and black water tanks to avoid cleaning payments.


If the vehicle is delivered dirty, a cleaning fee of 50 euros will be charged.

Gray and / or black water tanks costing 50 euros.

In case of excessive dirt caused by pets or smoking inside the vehicle, a fee of 165 euros will be charged. Knowing that both are not allowed.

The fuel tank must be full, or the expense will be charged to fill it up plus a service fee of 10 euros.

Any equipment lost, broken down or broken, according to the initial inventory, will be charged for replacement with new accessories and / or equipment.

If there are additional kilometers for daily allowances, 0.80 euros per km (VAT included) will be charged, knowing that you are not allowed to do more than 150 km/day. The 150 km are per day and not a daily average for the whole trip.

15 / Maintenance:

The customer will be responsible for checking the engine oil levels each time the fuel tank is filled, which precedes preemptively, in case of non-compliance will be the negligence of the customer and the charges will be charged for breakdowns.


16 / Mechanical breakdown / repair:

Repairs up to 70 euros (per event) can be made by the customer without the prior approval of the renter, but a notification by e-mail or phone call will be required. These fees can be returned by submitting accounts and corresponding invoices on the day of return. If the initial damage (original) is aggravated after the first repair and in the end exceeds 70 euros, these additional costs will not be refunded.

For repairs over 70 euros, the customer must immediately contact the lessor to obtain the authorization.

If the customer has to interrupt his itinerary or travel for more than 24 hours after the notice to the renter, due to a mechanical failure not caused by a wrong operation, or a preventive maintenance during the journey (filling / reloading) by the client, the renter can reimburse the following costs / charges:

Cost per rental day

Hotel fees estimated at 300 MXN per person / day, or if necessary

Rent a vehicle up to MXN 650 per day up to a maximum of MXN 10,000 per trip and up to the last day of the reservation.

The renter reserves the right to evaluate and decide on the reimbursements according to the reason and the duration of the damage.

All receipts must be delivered for your refund.

17 / In case of accident:

The customer must immediately report to the renter.

It is the customer's responsibility to report any incident, as well as parking and traffic violations that result in fines. At the time of receipt of the vehicle will be checked through the Internet if there are any penalties and the customer will have to pay.

In the case where a crane takes the vehicle to the corral (pound), only the legal representative has the power to release it; Depending on where the vehicle is held, clearance may take up to 3 business days. The customer will have to assume all the expenses of transfer and lodging of the legal representative, as well as the payment of the rights for the release of the vehicle without right to claim or refund of any kind whatsoever, no existing payment for the days of rent lost, or other expenses occasioned by this incident. The renter will not be held responsible for the accessibility of personal items in the vehicle or any item lost during this incident.

18 / Mexico

18.1 The road network

Mexico has made huge investments in the construction and improvement of its road infrastructure in recent years. Its intensive motorway network is improving over time. If you see the Cuota sign, this is a toll road in Mexico, Free means free, no toll. The traffic lanes are good, but some other roads are known for their heavy truck and bus traffic, have potholes, and many have animals roaming free.


18.2 Where to sleep at night

There are many campsites and free camping is allowed in Mexico. 

We will show you smartphones applications (usable without internet connection) to find free or cheap places to put you at night. There are also apps for Google Maps-style routes without an internet connection.


18.3 Visa

The citizens of Canada, the United States of America, Japan, the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland or one of the Schengen countries, as well as persons holding a valid visa from the United States of America, do not need a visa for a tourist visit less than 180 days.


18.4 Emergency telephone numbers

066 or - 065 (ambulance)

068 (fire)

060 (font)