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Dating back to 1973, this collector Combi is named COUANAOUAC. Its renovation will allow you to visit the Yucatan peninsula in close contact with nature. The cosy interior has been fully furnished for more comfort and character.

It is equipped with a 20L water reserve, a sink with a pump linked to the battery, a scalable shower, a gas stove (1 fire).

The sleeping accomodation (1,40m x 1,90m) is made for two adults. The mattress, in two parts, is made up of a high density layer and another layer with low density for better comfort.

The COUANAOUAC roof can open vertically and allow you to stand without issue in the combi. Tent fabric can close the cabin. Beware : in case of rain, you should not open the roof. The tent fabric isn’t waterproof.

Combi essence (Magna Verde), 3 doors, 2 seats, removable interior table serving as a bed base, curtains on every lateral and rear window, storage cupboards.

With COUANAOUAC, you can sleep, cook food, shower and go to the bathroom (Option). Of course, all of this remains in the combi spirit.

The original motor, updated, is a 1600 with air cooling. It is in good form. But just like the combi as a whole, it is over 40 years old. You have to respect its seniority by driving calmly (max speed 70 km/h), and by handling the parts with care. The Combi spirit will bring you a Zen atmosphere and endless horizons discovery.

Let the Mexican adventure begin !!!!

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